Carpol® Nionic™: Certified Halal

Carpenter Co. announces that several EO/PO block copolymers produced at its facility in Pasadena, TX have been certified as Halal compliant by the American Halal Foundation. Carpol® Nionic™ L-61, L-64, L-81, L-101 and P2000 are suitable for food contact applications anywhere in the Muslim world. These products were previously certified as Kosher, and are manufactured according to strict guidelines applying to raw materials and equipment cleanliness in accordance with Islamic Law. “Achieving Halal compliance for our Nionic™ product line is another important step in positioning these materials for indirect food contact applications such as foam control for food processing and fermentation”, Brent Lesher, Market Manager, Chemicals explained. “The traceability of Halal products throughout the value chain is important for customers in these markets”, said Lesher.