About Us

Carpenter Co. in the USA

In 1948 E. Rhodes Carpenter founded the private company “Carpenter” in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

They started distributing latex and foam rubber for the company Goodyear.

Since 1956 Carpenter Co. became one of the first producers of polyurethane foam.

Carpenter Co. is the world’s largest producer of comfort cushioning products and is the only company that is vertically integrated.

In 1992, Carpenter Co. with its more than 5000 employees, enters into the exclusive club of the 500 most important industrial companies of the United States of America.

Continuous innovations are the basis of a unique and international range.

Together with a focused investment program and a customer oriented organization Carpenter Co. develops systematically new applications for bedding, furniture and other markets.

Carpenter Belgium in Roeselare

In 1855 Dumo-Wyckhuyse in Roeselare started producing jute.
In 1961 production of poly-ethylene started.
In 1964 a production of polyether foam was also started.
In 1977 textiles and plastics have been separated and the name changed into Dumo Plastics.
In 1979 acquisition of shares by Shell.
In 1984 the poly-ethylene division has been sold to Wavin.
In 1999 Shell sells Dumo shares to Arthemaura.
In 2007 Arthemaura sells shares to Carpenter Co. and we become Carpenter Dumo NV.
In 2010 Carpenter Dumo NV becomes Carpenter Belgium NV.