Leading the way since 1948.

When E. Rhodes Carpenter began distributing foam rubber cushioning to furniture makers in 1948, he quickly developed a reputation for honesty and integrity. Even when his supplier abruptly abandoned him, he did not abandon his customers. Instead, he found them a better solution: cushioning made from flexible urethane foam. He brought the manufacturing process from Germany to Richmond, Virginia USA in 1956. From 1962 he was pouring his own foam to ensure quality.

Today, the company that bears his name is one of the world’s largest makers of comfort cushioning products with locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, including a manufacturing plant in Ichtershausen and a technical branch in Freudenberg. Mr. Carpenter’s penchant for continuous improvement led to the development of every process, product and standard used in the industry. And his insistence on honesty, integrity, quality and entrepreneurship are still our guiding principles.