A clear environmental policy

Carpenter has a policy of remaining one step ahead of legislation in relation to protecting the external environment and our own working environment. We do this by manufacturing in an intelligent and environmentally aware manner. You can read about the voluntary initiatives Carpenter has implemented in relation to the environment below:

  • Focus on chemicals
  • Carpenter actively seeks out the most environmentally friendly raw materials on the market. In cooperation with our suppliers, we continually strive to find greener alternatives, so we can replace chemicals with more environmentally friendly alternatives.

  • Reuse of trimmings
  • At Carpenter we constantly work to minimise waste from our production. We therefore reuse the majority of our trimmings as carpet underlay, which is in high demand in Great Britain and USA.

  • Reduced transportation
  • By compression packing our blocks and mattresses in rolls, we can reduce transport costs and minimise CO2 emissions from the carriers.

  • Eco-labelling
  • Carpenter continually strives to get its foam products eco-labelled. Many of our products currently fulfil certifications such as Oeko-Tex®, the European Flower  and dermatological tests.

    Strict regulatory requirements
    As a column-2 enterprise, Carpenter is also subject to strict chemical storage and handling requirements from the Danish authorities. All our chemicals are also registered in accordance with the European REACH Directive