How Carpenter came into being – a Danish business success story

1952 : Two brothers, Poul and Rud, start their own company in Odense under the name Brødrene Foltmar. They sell scissors and hair lotion to barber salons throughout Denmark.

1954-56 : The product range is extended to include foam cushions for chairs in hairdresser salon waiting areas, which are often hard and uncomfortable. They purchase the foam blocks in the city and then finish them.

1963 : When the premises in Odense become too small for finishing the increasing volume of orders, Brødrene Foltmar build a new factory in Aarhus. The factory in Odense closes the same year.

1967 : The brothers purchase a foam machine and are able to produce their own foam. They sell the finished foam to paint dealers, the furniture and mattress industry and colleagues in the industry.

1985 : The international furniture and mattress industry becomes aware of Brødrene Foltmar, who begin to export foam blocks to countries like Sweden and Germany.

1986 : The company is sold to Swedish media group, Bonnier, which has also purchased the German wash cloth manufacturer, Metzler. Brødrene Foltmar begin to manufacture foam wash cloths shortly afterwards.

1994 : Brødrene Foltmar become one of the first companies in Europe to introduce temperature-sensitive foam – launched under the name Celsius® visco. The product becomes a major success in Denmark and abroad.

2000 : Bonnier sells the company to the American foam company, Carpenter Co., – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of quality flexible polyurethane foam products. Brødrene Foltmar in Denmark changes its name to Carpenter ApS – and undergoes the largest modernisation process seen to date.