Foam warehouse for all of Europe

Carpenter produces foam blocks in all grades and a variety of colours. With 3,000 blocks in stock, we are sure to have a type of foam suited to your needs. Otherwise we are happy to develop one which does.

We generally sell these foam blocks to leading bed and furniture manufacturers throughout Europe, who further process the foam and use it to create some of the world’s best products.

Thanks to our unique equipment, we can cut the blocks very precisely, so you can optimally utilise your purchase and avoid waste. This is good for your bottom line – and for the environment.

Carpenter offers:

  • Blocks in a range of colours
  • Minimal waste
  • The option of roll packaging
  • Careful handling
  • Fast delivery
  • Would you like to hear more about block foam ?
    Contact the sales department on +45 86 29 23 11.