Standard Polyether

A stable all-rounder

Standard foam (Richfoam® Polyether) is typically used when the product has to withstand a constant load – known as a static load – for example in sofas and beds.

The foam is also ideal for wash cloths.


  • Good for static pressure
  • Good in humid environments
  • Good tensile strength and elongation properties
  • Available in many colours (the standard colour is white)
  • Produced in densities from 20 kg/m3 to 50-55 kg/m3 (for the furniture and bed industry)
  • Produced in densities from 16 kg/m3 to 22 kg/m3 (for wash cloths)
  • Hardness loss due to dynamic load is 20-30 %
  • Typical applications:

  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Wash cloths
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