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Carpet Underlay

The best underlay in Europe for the past 50 years

Carpenter is the world-leading producer of flexible polyurethane foam carpet underlay. Our ultra-durable, high-quality underlay products make carpet soft, luxurious and resilient, and is what makes all the difference in how carpet feels.

We produce and distribute across Europe a range of top-quality carpet underlay designed to help reduce impact noise and insulate floors. Our underlay is widely used in cruise ships and marine applications, care homes, hotels, offices and many other places. Our wide range of products can suit any purpose.

Made of repurposed materials, our carpet underlay is guaranteed for the life of the carpet. Once removed, the carpet underlay can be 100% recycled where facilities exist, making it an excellent choice to protect both your customer’s carpet and the environment.

Our Products

Our entry-level product, suitable for all areas of the home.
Thickness 8mm Density 85kg/m3

This is a thicker version of our Greenstep offering more comfort underfoot, suitable for all areas of the home.
Thickness 10mm Density 85kg/m3

One of our best selling underlays offering fantastic value for money for an excellent quality product. Richstep offers superior comfort throughout all areas of the home.
Thickness 9mm Density 100kg/m3

This product gives the most luxurious feeling underfoot and is also suitable throughout all areas of the home.
Thickness 11mm Density 100kg/m3

Firmstep is a contract product ideally suited for offices, hotels, shops, care homes and all commercial areas which experience heavy traffic.
Thickness 7mm Density 145kg/m3

Powerstep is a high quality product suitable for both domestic and contract use. It has a luxurious feel underfoot but is hardwearing to guard against busy traffic areas.
Thickness 9mm Density 145kg/m3

This product is an extremely hardwearing underlay, designed for the toughest contract locations but also for the European domestic market where a thinner denser product is required.

Declaration of conformity, certified to IMO requirements for use in Marine applications

Ultrastep is the ultimate in quality and performance. This product has been created for the top end luxury domestic market but is also suitable for contract installations.
Thickness 9mm Density 180kg/m3

Our Products Can

  • Help make every carpet feel more comfortable
  • Help reduce impact noise to make homes quieter
  • Insulate floors to help resist energy loss
  • Protect your investment by enhancing carpet performance

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