Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so important for me to choose a good carpet cushion?

There are two primary reasons. The first, often overlooked, is that the cushion, not the carpet, determines how your carpet will feel when you walk on it. If you want your carpet to have a luxurious feel, you need to install it over a quality cushion. The second reason for selecting a premium cushion is that it protects your investment by keeping your carpet looking new longer. Working like the shock absorbers on your car, a quality cushion absorbs the pounding of foot traffic so your carpet will feel better, look better and last longer.

Why does carpet wear out?

Carpet doesn’t actually wear out. It “uglys-out.” A quality cushion absorbs the pounding of foot traffic preventing premature matting and crushing.

Why should I consider a carpet cushion with a moisture barrier?

Any spill or pet accident that penetrates the carpet will be absorbed by the cushion unless it has a moisture barrier. By keeping the spill on top, it can be removed by stepping on a towel to pull it to the surface. If allowed to absorb into the cushion a spill can cause permanent damage to the sub floor, permanently harbor odors and enable spills to wick back to the surface where they can cause recurring stains.

When is a breathable moisture barrier important?

If you are installing carpet over a concrete surface or anywhere that you may have moisture vapor coming up through the subfloor, which is quite common, you would benefit from a breathable moisture barrier. This technology is found on all STAINMASTER® Carpet Cushion. In addition to providing all the benefits associated with a moisture barrier, as listed above, you have the peace of mind of knowing that any water vapor coming up through the subfloor will not be trapped beneath the cushion potentially causing mold and mildew to grow.

Why is “Bonded” carpet cushion used in residential carpet installations over 90% of the time?

Simply put, there is no other type of carpet cushion made today that does a better job of keeping your carpet looking new, while providing incredible comfort underfoot. It is also the best value for your money.

What can Carpenter cushion featuring Odor Guard or Odor-Eaters® technologies do for my new carpet?

Carpet Cushion with either Odor Guard or Odor-Eaters® helps to eliminate odors caused by pet accidents as well as most food and beverage spills that go beneath the carpet.

What else does a better quality carpet cushion do?

A quality cushion helps minimize the transfer of sound between rooms as well as providing thermal insulation.