It's not just pad anymore!

Until a few years ago when you bought carpet, you installed pad under it. NO MORE! Now you have the opportunity to purchase an underlayment system that does more than make your carpet feel luxurious and help maintain its like-new appearance.

Carpenter Co. was the first to develop and incorporate a moisture barrier called Spillguard®. Spillguard® makes carpet easier to clean and maintain, helps prevent damage to subfloors and keeps stains from reappearing on the surface of the carpet.

Carpenter Co. was also the first to develop a breathable moisture barrier which is found on our Stainmaster® Carpet Cushion. This technology helps to prevent the growth of mold and mildew below the cushion and is the only product with a moisture barrier that should be installed over concrete where moisture migration is common.

Our exclusive use of a patented technology found in our Odor Eaters™ and Stainmaster® Plus products eliminate odors caused by pet accidents and most food and beverage spills. No other carpet cushion available on the market today can make this claim.