Reliable polyols since 1972.

Founded in 1948, Carpenter Co. began making flexible urethane foam in 1956. The company grew through an unwavering commitment to quality and by constantly striving to improve our products, services and processes to become the world’s leader in flexible foam.

In 1972, we took the unique step of producing the chemicals we needed for our growing cushioning and comfort business. Thus began the production of polyether polyols at our plant in Bayport, Texas. Today it is not only one of the largest single sites for polyol production, but is also the source of a wide range of polyether polyols and alkoxylates for a variety of end use applications.

Today our Roger W. Powell plant in Bayport is one of the world’s leading polyol production facilities with three of the industry’s largest polyol reactors. In addition, blending capabilities on-site (along with Virginia, Indiana and the United Kingdom) provide a great resource for meeting whatever polyol needs you may have. Now, over 35 years later, we continue to develop new technologies to make polyols in a more efficient, clean and reliable manner for our customers.