Environmental Leadership

Carpenter Co. EPS is truly an environmentally friendly product that saves energy through conservation. The EPS products we provide from our four manufacturing facilities can return, according to extensive studies, up to 200 times the amount of energy required to produce it. The Thermal performance of EPS insulation significantly reduces the amount of energy required to both heat and cool residential and commercial structures. EPS has extremely good R-values per inch. Carpenter Co. plants recycle over 99% of the scrap generated in the plants, including the dust! The residual blowing agent used to manufacture EPS is even captured and used as a fuel to operate plant boilers. In Geotechnical uses of Carpenter Co. EPS, it would only take the fuel consumption of one truck of EPS to cover the same cubic space of 4 trucks of sand and/or gravel – less emissions and less energy used.

Many of the Carpenter Co. products produce will allow LEEDs (Leadership in Energy and Environment) points that recognizes the life-cycle cost of construction and helps to guide and recognize environmentally friendly commercial and institutional projects.