Laminates for anything you want to insulate and protect.

Carpenter Co. energy-saving laminates can be used for non-structural interior and exterior insulation, cavity walls, siding underlayment, roofing recovery board, and with the added Preventol® insect treatment it is an effective thermal barrier for waterproofing protection and safeguarding below grade backfilling. Laminates can also be used in packaging for added insulation and protection (box liners).

Carpenter Co. laminates can help reduce the cost of heating and cooling and thus improving the environment. It can wrap walls to seam cracks and gaps and stop air infiltration. Wall applications can help prevent dry rot, mildew and structural damage caused by moisture. The laminates contain no CFC’s or HFC’s and are clean and odorless. They are easy to cut and install.

With custom designed high speed lamination equipment, Carpenter Co. offers a wide array of laminated products with any facer demanded by the market.

Products Laminate Facers Densities

Rigid sheets with double faced laminate

  • 48” width up to 12’ length
  • Thicknesses from ½” to 4”

White or brown kraft

Clear poly

Poly with grid markings


Metalized poly

From .75 PCF to 3.0 PCF

Fanfold for ease of one person installation

  • Thicknesses of ¼”, ⅜", ½”, ¾”
  • Lengths up to 60’