Carpenter Co. Tops in roofing insulation.

Carpenter Co. EPS Roof Insulation provides an excellent thermal barrier for both new construction and reproofing applications. Made with Carpenter Co. quality, our EPS products offer permanent R-value, UL approved, inherent water resistance, superior thermal efficiency per dollar, dimensional stability, minimal weight, and easy handling and installation. They are compatible with variety of commercial roofing membranes. And, with three manufacturing facilities on the East Coast, they’re available whenever you need them.

Carpenter Co. EPS Roof Insulation is approved for use with CEP, EPDM, CSPE, neoprene, PIB, PVC, modified bitumen, and organic, fiberglass and polyester roofing felts.

Since different membranes vary in their applications, consult the specific membrane manufacturer for complete installation and compatibility information.

We have an EPS Roof Insulation product for almost any application. Choose the one that’s right for you. We offer:

Flute Fillers
Holey Board
Recovery Board