Precision-cut spa cover insulation.

While we do not actually cover the spa, we do provide the custom cut insulation that keeps the spa at the desired temperature while saving energy. Carpenter Co. has the state-of-the-art cutting equipment and the experienced and trained personnel to meet the needs of any spa cover manufacturer whether it is for residential or commercial use. With the tightest of tolerances, we can taper any cover in widths of 48” or less and to any length required for the largest of today’s hot tubs. We can provide densities from 1-lb. up to 3-lb. and take extra steps in our production to prevent any bowing. The latest technology in labeling allows all the specific detailed data to be easily read to prevent any errors in production. The extensive Carpenter CO. truck fleet allows the spa covers to be delivered in closed vans or flatbeds for maximum utilization to reduce your net freight cost.