Technical Specifications

Important information

EPS should not come in contact with chimneys, heater vents, steam pipes or other surfaces where temperatures exceed 150 (degrees F). It is not recommended for unballasted applications where sustained roof temperatures exceed 165 (F) or intermittent temperatures exceed 180 (F). Overlayment board, such as wood fiberboard or perlite, must protect EPS before the direct mopping of hot asphalt or torching of modified bitumen. Care should be taken when using solvents, cleaners, cements, adhesives, sealers and hot air welders on or around EPS insulation.

Code compliances

ASTM C-578-10
ASTM D6817
ASTM E2430
Underwriters Laboratories
Factory Mutual
Model Building Codes

ICBO Section 1712

BOCA Section 2002

SBCCI Section 717