Environmental leadership.

At Carpenter Co., the Kaizen principles of continuous improvement apply not only to what we make but also how we make it. We continue to invest in equipment and processes that produce better products, less waste and with fewer contaminants.

Our Natural Foaming Technology™, for example, uses CO2 as a foam blowing agent instead of harmful or ozone depleting chemicals.

We recycle 100% of the urethane foam and polyester fiber scraps we generate, as well as trim generated elsewhere, for use in our rebounded foam operations. We began recycling long before it was fashionable and remain one of the largest recyclers in the industry today.

Whenever possible, we use bio-based polyols in place of petroleum-based polyols to save valuable oil. And, whenever possible, we use recycled polyester fibers that are bonded thermally rather than with chemical resins.

Of course, we perform regular environmental audits at every facility to make sure we meet all local, state and federal regulations, and that we’re being good stewards.