Qualux® and Qualux Ultra. The Symbols of Comfort Cushioning Quality for Nearly 40 Years.

Qualux® and Qualux Ultra. The symbols of comfort cushioning quality for over 40 years.

Qualux is a family of high resiliency foams that meets your demands for consistency, longevity, comfort and support. Qualux has a soft surface, yet firms up quickly when compressed, providing proper body support in all seating applications. With the consistency of Qualux and Qualux Ultra, you can be assured that each cushion will sit exactly like the next.

Qualux is available in densities from 1.5 to 1.8 PCF. Qualux Ultra has minimum densities of up to 3.25 PCF and is available in firmnesses from 7 to 70 IFD.

All grades of Qualux and Qualux Ultra meet current California 117 flammability standards and are produced without the use of CFC’s. That makes Qualux as comfortable for the environment as they are for your customers.