Rely® Flat Proofing Polymer keeps your customers rolling.

Flat-proof your customer’s industrial tires with Rely® Flat Proofing Polymers from Carpenter Co., and you’ll have a customer for life. Rely replaces air in tires with a resilient liquid compound that cures to a soft rubber core within 24 hours and makes tires impervious to nails, spikes, rocks, slag – even bullets. By preventing flats, Rely helps eliminate downtime and costly repairs.

At Carpenter Co., we’ve invested more in flat proofing technology than any other company. We have a number of polymer formulations blended for specific applications. And, we offer the expert training and equipment you need to provide this valuable service profitably and safely.

Call 800-825-6836 to get started. The more you rely on Rely from Carpenter Co., the more your customers will rely on you.