Perfection begins with people

At Carpenter, quality is the concern and responsibility of all employees – and always flows from each person’s attitudes. We therefore work at several levels to ensure a high uniform quality throughout our production.

You can read about the most important elements of our quality system below:

Whiteboard meetings

Once a week, all our employees gather for whiteboard meetings – to talk through new orders, product faults and good ideas. This means that everyone takes joint responsibility for the customer receiving the best solution – on time.

Close cooperation and good communication between customers, suppliers and employees aims to ensure that Carpenter always offers and provides the best solution in relation to the customer’s requirements.

Carpenter’s products are made using state of the art equipment – which is viewed as the best on the market. All spare parts are stored at a central warehouse, so we can quickly replace worn components.

Quality goals
We set quality goals for individual production teams, to enable us to monitor the quality of our performance. Employees must, for example, be aware of requirements in relation to customer service, material properties and dimensional tolerances.

Where customers so desire, Carpenter issues certificates guaranteeing the properties of a specific foam grade – such as density and hardness. This helps ensure the customer receives uniform high-quality.

Code of Conduct
Our Code of Conduct obligates us to comply with the law and conduct our business in an ethical manner.

Carpenter is renowned for delivering on time. We are also renowned for our ability to show flexibility during production.

The Danish Working Environment Authority and fire and police authorities continually ensure that Carpenter complies with all environmental and safety regulations. We also maintain internal controls on our own initiative, where we monitor our procedures in order to optimize quality and safety in production.