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Technical Foam

Customized technical
foam solutions

Carpenter’s technical foam utilizes the acoustic, thermal and protective properties of flexible foams and fibres for customized solutions.

Our Solutions

As a specialist in the acoustics field, Carpenter offers a unique expertise in the development of vibration and noise reduction solutions.

Our know-how in materials, laminating and shaping techniques, as well as our simulation and vibro-acoustic devices, allows us to offer the best solutions to our customers according to their specifications.

Carpenter is a designer, developer and supplier of innovative thermal insulation solutions for all sectors.

Products used by Carpenter for thermal insulation are of a fibrous or porous nature, and generally have good acoustic properties. Our solutions provide you with a dual acoustic and thermal function.

Carpenter develops and provides solutions for the protection of people and products.

Protection requirements can be multiple (acoustic, thermal, electrical, shocks, vibration) and are applied to different products, from work to sport protective gear.

Cellular foam materials produced and converted by Carpenter are all suitable for this protective function.

Carpenter insulates and treats critical zones in order to resolve problems linked to water and air tightness as well as filtration.

Thanks to our technology and materials, we are able to find solutions for most of the air tightness and filtration problems encountered in industrial applications.

The appearance of a manufactured product is a key factor in the decision to buy it.

The different technologies used by Carpenter allow for the fabrication of semi-finished or finished products, the main attraction of which lies in their appearance.

We develop and adapt specific solutions to produce parts that respond perfectly to different quality expectations. Product appearance is an intrinsic and fundamental part of the design and fabrication of solutions proposed by Carpenter.

In addition to its range of comfort foams for furniture, bedding and seating, Carpenter provides finishing solutions by assembling textile materials, leather, imitation leather, etc., to meet the most demanding specifications.

Markets Served

Carpenter designs and produces aircraft seat cushions made from foam, textile-based covers and laminated leathers, all meeting aeronautical standard requirements. With over 35 years of experience and expertise in the OEM and aftermarket, Carpenter covers a wide range of technologies and materials.

Carpenter’s cushions are lighter than conventional ones and the significant weight savings represent a real operational gain for airlines, as well as helping to protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

Development, converting and supply of solutions and technical products for the automotive industry.

Supplier of acoustic, thermal, air tightness products and interior trim for coach, bus, agricultural and public works vehicles as well as lifting equipment, nautical and railway transport.

Carpenter is a designer and a supplier of interior cladding solutions (upholstery and headliner), self-supporting parts with an appearance coating (with criteria of washability, resistance to wear and tear) with or without acoustic characteristics.

Carpenter produces laminates and reinforcement solutions for luxury luggage and leather goods:

  • by proposing solutions adapted to the requirements of the specifications, for hand luggage, carry-on luggage and wheeled luggage.
  • by designing innovative foam, textile and leather complexes, taking into account the specificities of each component in order to obtain an internal function for the luggage or its appearance.
  • by recommending and offering solutions that take into account the following criteria: hand, roundness, fit, visual, and respect for the components used.

Carpenter’s packaging business covers all sectors. Whatever your product, it will be subject to logistical constraints during its life cycle.

Carpenter develops and manufactures the right solution for you:

  • Protection, cushioning against shocks and vibrations
  • Enhancement, presentation, case interiors
  • Immobilization, wedging, case padding
  • Fitting of bins or containers for reusable packaging
  • Solutions for the transport and handling of fragile parts
  • Standard or customized solutions

Carpenter designs and produces foam cushioning and packaging solutions. Carpenter is your supplier of cushioning and foam protection against shock and vibration for the shipment of your fragile products.

Carpenter brings you adhesive solutions to facilitate the installation of materials that meet the new standards of acoustic, thermal and waterproof performance of buildings.

Carpenter offers you a range of personal protective equipment (PPE) type 1 and 2 preventing knee hygroma problems and complying with the new European regulation 2016/425 after testing according to EN 14404+A1: 2010.

Carpenter delivers a wide range of foam products in the medical field.

Carpenter offers you its expertise in sports and leisure as well as childcare.

Carpenter Europe produces Technical Foam in two locations in France: Craon & Loriol

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