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Moulded Foam

Tailored solutions from high-quality moulded foam

Carpenter Europe produces moulded cold foam for use in the furniture and automotive industries, among others. The moulding technique is used in the manufacture of three-dimensional products in larger sizes and different designs. It is possible to mold a variety of materials into the foam such as metal, plastic, wood and velcro to offer a finished product.

Our Products

Our product development is conducted in close cooperation with customers, customizing it to suit the customer’s needs and production process. We offer different types of foam, including cold foam and viscoelastic foam with a pressure-relieving capacity, both compliant to various flammability requirements.

Our production of moulded components is made of high-resilient material and fulfills the requirements in California Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation Technical Bulletin 117- 2013. Section 3. Resilient filling material test.

High-resilience, flame-retardant foam that meets the requirements set in the English fire safety regulation, “Consumers Protection Furniture and Furnishing (Fire) (Safety) Regulation 1988, Schedule 1, Part 1, ignition source 5.” Legal requirements for furniture sold in the UK and Ireland.

Viscofoam is a low-resilience, temperature-sensitive foam that distributes the pressure of the body weight more evenly. Mattresses and pillows made of visco foams are used by medical professionals to prevent bedsores. The material is well-suited for care products such as wheelchairs and seat cushions.

Technical foams for the automotive, small furniture parts and technical applications.

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