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Everyday products from the leader in foam and fibre innovation.

Carpenter produces a wide selection of pillows, mattress pads and toppers, all sold by leading retailers across Europe, that epitomizes our innovative approaches to foam and fibre.

We are dedicated to setting ever higher standards. The success of Carpenter is based on technical innovation, exceptional product quality and outstanding customer service. With its forward thinking customer orientated approach, Carpenter is your natural choice of business partner. Big improvements or small improvements, they are all important to Carpenter.

There is always a way to improve an existing product, create a new and better one, enhance our technology, reach new markets and respond more intelligently to a customer. Our sole focus is comfort. We believe we have no excuse for being less than the best.



Our Bed in the Box range offers comfort and support at affordable prices in a variety of depths. The mattresses are manufactured using different densities of polyether foam on the base offering medium to firm support, teamed with a combination of another polyether layer, a luxurious memory foam or  one of our advanced technology open cell foams to create the perfect sleep environment.

Carpenter have the ability to create innovative designs by contour cutting or profiling the foam to suit the customer’s request. We also work closely with our fabric suppliers to provide the latest designs and technical offerings on fabric ticks and covers to create a restful night’s sleep.

Bed in a Box is a product in which our mattresses are roll-packed into a single box (which fits all the standard EU and UK sizes). The carton can be printed and displayed in a retail environment as a take home today mattress. It is rolled for ease of transportation to the home – just take out of the packaging, unroll and allow it to take shape. Perfect for when unexpected guests arrive.

As a unique mattress manufacturer that produces its own polyurethane foam, Carpenter provides an exhaustive range of mattresses covering all public establishment requirements. With our detailed knowledge of foam types, quality standards, eco-labels, fire safety requirements and antibacterial tests, we can help you develop the perfect institutional mattress.

Our mattresses provide comfort in boarding schools, University residences, the custodial area, tourist accommodations, nurseries, healthcare facilities and several other institutions. For every public establishment, there is a perfectly adapted, resistant and comfortable Carpenter mattress available.

Thanks to our expertise and perfect command of the fabrication process, from the foam production stage right up to delivery, Carpenter has become a point of reference in terms of quality for the supply of mattresses to holiday accommodation professionals.

Carpenter is dedicated to working with its partners to develop new mattresses which will mutually enhance our portfolios. We are able to create innovative and unique designs to suit exacting requirements which can be placed under the customer’s own brand. We can create new mattresses together using expertise we have gained over a number of years. Whether it is a different feel, new foams or exciting fabrics we have the knowledge and experience to help.

Through zone divisions– either via cutouts, perforations or profiling – we can increase the functionality and comfort of the mattress while also creating visually attractive solutions.

We can also help you experiment with new materials or develop a cover with an appealing design.

Our sleep betterTM selection aims to find the right pillow for the customer’s needs; it’s all about personal choice. We use only the highest quality materials and manufacture pillows using memory foam or a combination of foam and micro-fibres.

The range has a choice of traditionally contoured or anatomically styled pillows designed to create perfect alignment between the spine, neck and head and to complement our mattress collections. The pillows use the latest fabrics, whether it be cotton or a 100% recycled material, or a luxurious tick which keeps you warm and cuddly for those colder nights.

Pillows are packaged in a non-woven rope handle bag with a product insert and look eye-catching when displayed in a retail store. We can offer other options for wholesale and e-commerce.

The sleep betterTM range of mattress toppers leads the way in design and comfort, combining the latest technology in memory foam with innovative covers and fitted sheets. The toppers offer the ultimate in comfort and support and are specifically designed to ensure an even distribution of body weight for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Zoning in a variety of designs offers distinct levels of support and can help ease pressure on sensitive areas. Other toppers feature air holes for active air technology and a softer feel. Our innovative, contoured cut toppers are available in a variety of profiles, with the customer being able to design their own pattern – let your imagination run wild. These toppers offer softness and greater flexibility which all adds to the uniqueness of the range. To complement the topper range, the customer can choose from a selection of washable fitted sheets or zipped covers to suit their sleeping styles.

The toppers are vacuum rolled and are offered either in a non-woven bag with product insert or a printed carton to suit the customer requirements.


Carpenter has been providing bedding solutions to the hospitality industry for over 25 years. Our goal is to make sure your guests sleep as well and as comfortably as they do in their own beds, so that your hotel becomes their home away from home.

We understand comfort better than anyone, and with manufacturing facilities across the country, we can supply your bedding when and where you need.

Carpenter serves many retail businesses all over Europe. We structure programs and products that respond to the unique needs of our customers’ demographics. No matter where people shop, a Carpenter product will meet and surpass their expectations.

Carpenter understands the needs e-marketers have and offers assistance in developing drop ship programs and customer service. Our job begins when the consumer makes a purchase. We make sure our products meet and exceed consumer expectations by providing the highest quality product available.

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