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Leading the way for more than 70 years

Founded in 1950, Carpenter Co. is the world’s largest vertically integrated manufacturer of polyurethane foams. Carpenter also serves a diversified global marketplace with polyurethane chemical solutions, polyester fibers, and insulation materials through a network of more than 70 production locations. Our 6,500+ employees across the globe seek to provide the most innovative products and solutions with a focus on enhancing the quality of people’s lives while being a good steward of our resources.

Leading the way since 1948.

When E. Rhodes Carpenter began distributing latex cushioning to furniture makers in 1948, he quickly developed a reputation for honesty and integrity.

Even when his supplier abruptly abandoned him, he did not abandon his customers.

Instead, he found them a better solution: cushioning made from flexible urethane foam. He brought the manufacturing process from Germany to Richmond, Virginia in 1956, and by 1962 he was pouring his own foam to ensure quality.

Today, the company that bears his name is one of the largest makers of comfort cushioning products in the world, with 16 foam producing plants, over 4,000 employees, and 41 global locations.

His penchant for continuous improvement led to the development of many of the standards used in the industry today. And his stance on honesty, integrity, quality, and entrepreneurship remains our guiding principles.



Founded by E. Rhodes Carpenter as a distributor of Goodyear latex products.


Began manufacture of flexible foam for the home furnishing industry.


Began first continuous foam pouring line in Richmond, Virginia.


Introduced flexible foam carpet cushioning and Richlux® reinforced urethane foam.


Began making flexible foam for automotive applications. Opened second plant in Temple, Texas.


Opened third plant in Russellville, Kentucky.


Introduced Qualux® high resiliency foam.


Opened fourth foam pouring plant in Conover, North Carolina. Established Carpenter Chemical Co. to produce high quality polyether polyols at the Roger W. Powell Plant, located on a spacious 70-acre site in Pasadena, Texas.


Expansion of Carpenter Chemical Co.’s Roger W. Powell Plant with the addition of Unit P-2, dedicated to lower volume specialty polyether polyol products.


Opened fifth plant in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Opened sixth and seventh foam pouring plant in Tupelo, Mississippi and Riverside, California. Further expansion of Roger W. Powell Plant with addition of Unit P-3 for large capacity polyether polyol manufacturing.


Opened eighth plant in Elkhart, Indiana.


Added ninth manufacturing facility just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Opened tenth plant in Lathrop, California.


Reinhart Technical Center was founded in Richmond, VA as a research and development facility


Acquired British foam manufacturer Hyman PLC with plants in the UK and France.


Acquired Morning Glory Products, expanding Consumer Products Division.


Opened plant in Ichtershausen – Thörey, Germany.


Acquired two more plants, Huningue and Albias, in France. Invested $25 million in six world-class card lines for polyester fiber.


Commissioning of Unit P-4 at Carpenter Chemical Co.’s Roger W. Powell Plant.


Acquired foam manufacturer Cirrus AB in Sweden and BRDR. Foltmar A/S in Denmark. Expansion of Roger W. Powell Plant with the addition of Unit P-5, a large capacity polyether polyol unit.


Opened eleventh North American foam plant in Lakeland, Florida.


Added seventh card line for fiber production in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania.


Commissioned Unit P-6 at Roger W. Powell Plant for large-scale polyether polyol manufacturing. When commissioned, this reactor was the largest of its kind in the world.


Commissioned P-6 Polyether Polyol Unit at Roger W. Powell Plant, one of the world’s largest single-site producers.


SAP corporate-wide implementation was completed.


Upgraded Conover plant to new Hennecke Novaflex foam machine.


Acquired Belgiam Foam manufacturer DUMO-NV. Completed Powell Plant DCS process control room upgrades.


Introduced Avena® high resiliency foam.


M. H. Reinhart Technical Center, located in Richmond, VA was expanded to increase foam performance testing capabilities.


EPS manufacturing expands to Elkhart, IN. M. H. Reinhart Technical Center Pilot Plant expansion.


Carpenter introduces Serene Foam® technology, a remarkable self-adjusting yet supportive foam which represents a significant improvement in comfort over traditional memory foams.


Commissioned Unit PE1 at Roger W. Powell Plant, to produce CARPOL® PES Polyester Polyols using recycled PET plastic giving this world-class site the capability of manufacturing Polyether and Polyester polyol products.


Commissioned P-7, a large capacity alkoxylation reactor with increased flexibility to manufacture a wide variety of polyol products.


EPS manufacturing expands to Dallas, Texas. CARPOL® NIONIC chemicals find use in non-polyurethane applications, paving the way for growth into new and exciting applications.


Carpenter opens a new Las Vegas showroom, highlighting even more of its divisions and categories.


Carpenter Co. acquires Recticel NV’s Engineered Foams Division, making it the world’s largest vertically integrated manufacturer of polyurethane foams and specialty polymer products.