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Richfill® Fibre

Richfill® is the ultimate in upholstery fibre, providing support and comfort with durability.

An environmentally-friendly product, Richfill® fibre can be recycled and is suitable for all applications, giving seats, backs and arms a luxurious feel.

Carpenter Europe offers direct fill or blown fibre for back and arms and carded or rolled for seating applications. Richfill® is the next generation of fibre-filling technology: comfortable, durable, and tested to exacting standards.

Carpenter has produced one of the greenest products available in today’s upholstery fillings market. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking when it comes to comfort cushioning.


  • Specifically designed to give long lasting performance to maintain look and shape
  • Provides superior loft and improved softness
  • An advanced helicoidal fibre designed for suprior comfort


  • Seat cushions
  • Back cushions
  • Scatter cushions
  • Bolsters

Richfill® Brochure

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