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Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are embedded into our work each day. Our culture is built upon these overarching commitments, which inspire our decision-making and the way we impact the future.


Why we exist

We exist to enhance the quality
of people’s lives.


What we aim to achieve

To be known for unmatched efficiency and
continuous improvement.


How we plan to achieve the vision

We invest for the long term to create
value and mutual advancement.

Core Values

The behaviors we exhibit

We take pride in our work and are stewards
of our resources.

Our Vision
& Mission

Carpenter is known for unmatched efficiency and continuous improvement in creating products and delivering solutions that make our customers more successful and our world more comfortable, safer, and healthier. We invest for the long term to create value for the mutual advancement of our company, people, customers, partners, and communities.

Core Values

Pride in our work

With a spirit of perseverance, and a chemistry built on mutual respect, we create long-term relationships. That’s a promise. We act with a sense of urgency and operate with agility. We deliver world-class service to our partners and never forget that their success determines ours.

Open to improvement

We challenge ourselves to be better every day as we continue to build an industry-leading company. We are flexible in our thinking and embrace change as an opportunity to constantly improve. We recognize that great ideas come from an engaged team where every voice matters, and our doors are always open.

Steward of Resources

We respect the resources that have been entrusted to us and are committed to enhancing their value. We work to create a sustainable environment for everyone.