Sales and Delivery terms

All orders are carried out based upon the following sales- and delivery terms and are subject to
the convention al force majeure, strike- and lock-out-proviso.

All quotations are valid for 8 days, and if larger or smaller quan atities than quoted for are ordered,
we reserve the right to revise prices and delivery times. In all cases seller´s quotations
are subject to the goods being unsold. Price lists and sales material can be changed without notice.

All orders are without any obligation until confirmed in writing by seller.

Unless otherwise agreed dispatch takes place at buyer´s account and risk, and seller undertakes
no responsibility for delays, resulting in trading loss, loss of profit or any other indirect loss.

The time of delivery is estimated by seller on the order confirmation overleaf, and he undertakes
no responsibility for delayed delivery.

Replacements are allowed in case of complaints received on due time and acknowledged by
seller. Expenses covering lost work etc. will not be reimbursed. No guarantee can be given that
the goods delivered are suitable for the buyer´s purpose. No complaints or claims will be accepted
when the seller´s product has been further processed by buyer and/or is a part of buyer
´s product. The seller shall only be liable for personal injury, provided it can be proved that
the injury can be traced back to errors and omissions committed by seller or by his staff. The
seller is not liable for damage on things, among these on products, which are manufactured by
buyer. In this connection seller shall never be liable for trading loss, loss of profit or other indirect
loss. To the extent where seller might be held liable in connection with third part, the buyer
shall indemnify the seller for the liability he might incur to the extent where the liability exceeds
the above mentioned limits. The buyer shall be obliged to let himself be summoned in the same
court as is trying claims for damage against seller in connection with the sold goods. Complaints
regarding the invoice or entries of same must be sent in writing to seller within 8 days after
receipt of the invoice.
Complaints regarding goods must be reported to the factory in writing, within 8 working days of

The ownership of the goods remains with seller until payment has been made and met in full.

Any dispute arising out of the agreement shall be settled according to Danish law and in the
Maritime and Commercial Court of Copenhagen as venue with the exception of legal proceedings
according to the paragraph on Product Liability.