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Carpet Cushion

An industry leader for over 50 years

It’s the cushion that makes all the difference in how carpet feels.

Our ultra-durable, high-quality cushion keeps carpet feeling comfortable and luxurious, is made from repurposed materials, and is 100% recyclable where facilities exist.

Our Carpet Cushion Products

Our products protect your investment – and the environment

The EnviroStep™ collection of carpet cushion reflects our commitment to combining the newest technologies with eco-conscious products for your home.

All EnviroStep™ bonded products are made of approximately 90% recycled urethane trim and are 100% recyclable. In addition, they are ozone friendly (no CFCs) and exceed CRI Green Label Plus air quality standards.

Moisture barrier technology helps prevent spills and accidents from penetrating the cushion, so they can be blotted from the carpet quickly and easily. The SoftSlip™ technology ensures quality insulation installation by facilitating carpet stretch-in.

Our Spillguard® products include Vegas, Tahoe and Emerald products.

Combining the benefits of advanced moisture barrier technology and odor eliminating enzyme technologies, these premium level carpet cushion products include Aspen™, Comfort Gel™, Glacier™ and Viscobond™.

In select markets, Comfort Plush™ offers Serenity™, prime urethane carpet cushion.

UltraShield™ features an enzymatic breathable moisture barrier that helps keep many common household spills and pet accidents from soaking through the carpet into the cushion, helping to prevent it from reaching the subfloor of your home.

Besides making clean-up a breeze, UltraShield™ carpet cushion can help prevent stains from reappearing on the carpet.

The breathable moisture barrier in the UltraShield™ carpet cushion allows water vapors emitted by concrete floors to pass through the cushion and evaporate, helping protect the cushion from the growth of mold and mildew under your carpet.

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Helps to reduce or eliminate odor caused by pet accident, food, and beverage spills.

Our products can:

  • Help make every carpet feel more comfortable
  • Help reduce impact noise to make homes quieter
  • Insulate floors to help resist energy loss
  • Protect your investment by enhancing carpet performance