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Molded Manufacturing

Breaking the Mold in Molded Manufacturing

Whether it’s 6 stream mix heads, advanced robotics, or quick mold changeouts, Carpenter uses only the most advanced equipment available. Our molding operations located in Elkhart, Indiana are computer-controlled to ensure the highest quality finished parts.

Each mold is recognized digitally to assure for proper tool temperature via heated water lines, for specific formulation blends, and robotic pour patterns, creating the optimum setting for part reproducibility.

In-House Raw Material Control and Capacity

Whether it be our facility in Texas (which houses the world’s largest polyol reactor) or our in-house chemical blending department (which manufactures the polyol and isocyanate systems on-site), our vertical integration gives us complete quality control of the finished parts.

Our high-volume output carousels offer the maximum part yield per tool, allowing for minimal tooling expenditure. Our air bag tooling closure system provides infinite tooling lifetimes.

Our foam types include
  • High Density Memory Foams
  • Low Density Memory Foams
  • High Density HR Foams
  • Low Density HR Foams

We have the ability to produce a wide range of firmnesses and densities, to include dual density and dual firmness parts.

Carpenter Molded Foam Brochure