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Environmental Stewardship

Our Sustainability Mission

To provide valuable solutions that enhance people’s lives while ensuring we take steps to preserve our planet

Circular Economy

Our company is committed to reducing the burden to our landfills. Here at Carpenter, we collect and reuse millions of pounds of foam, expanded polystyrene, and polyester fiber.

We demonstrate this within our carpet cushion division — we have been making our carpet cushion from recycled materials since the 1960s.

Social Auditing

GHG Emissions reduction

Carpenter implements best practices to optimize shipping capacities in every division. For example, we utilize compressors to triple the amount of foam shipped in a single container, thereby reducing carbon emissions, transportation costs, and highway congestion.

Furthermore, as we focus on making our transportation more energy-efficient, we’re converting our company vehicles to hybrid fleets and EV yard trucks.

Protecting Our People

Carpenter is committed to providing a safe working environment for all of our employees and visitors.  We value the well-being of each person that walks through our doors. Each Carpenter location has a robust safety program in place that aligns with our company Safety Management System.

We view safety as a core value. Therefore, it must be integrated into all aspects of our operations to ensure all of our employees safely return home to their families each and every day.