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Expanded Polystyrene Systems

The leader in EPS solutions

Our EPS products make homes more attractive, buildings more energy-efficient, and packages safer to ship.


Cut to order for fast delivery

Carpenter Co. provides one of the largest options of cut to size blocks and panels in the EPS industry. Everything we produce is made to our clients’ expectations.

We can provide for quick delivery on full truckloads of cut blocks in thicknesses from ¼” up to 65”, and in widths up to 48”, and lengths up to 24’. These items can be:

  • Offered in densities from .75 lb. PCF up to 3.0 PCF
  • Made of up to 40% recycled content
  • Grooved for precision fits
  • Tapered or square cut.
  • Packaged or shipped in bulk

Good for the earth and what you’re building on it.

Extremely lightweight and structurally strong, EnviroGreen™ Geofoam has proven to be one of the best and most versatile geosynthetic materials available. Contractors use EnviroGreen™ Geofoam blocks to stabilize slopes and embankments, build retaining walls, insulate pavement, frost-protect shallow foundations, and as a low-cost solution for stadium steps.

EnviroGreen™ Geofoam is an excellent thermal insulator for cold storage warehouses and refrigerated storage tanks.

Unlike other materials, EnviroGreen™ Geofoam is inert: it does not break down or leach into ground water, making it safer for the environment. It also provides a lower carbon footprint than traditional dirt or stone fill, and is more economical than other fills.

Makes buildings attractive and energy-efficient

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) exterior wall board from Carpenter Co. offers greater energy efficiency and design flexibility than any other cladding product. 

Used in both commercial and residential structures, EIFS wraps the building in a thermal blanket that reduces air infiltration by as much as 55% when compared to brick and wood construction.

EIFS covers the gaps left by traditional between-the-studs interior insulation, raising the R-value of the building from R-11 to R-16 or more. With cladding this air-tight, you may be able to specify a lower capacity heating and air conditioning system.

That’s just part of the beauty of an Exterior Insulation and Finish System. World class manufacturing offers a wide variety of textures and a limitless number of colors, EIFS can be fashioned into virtually any shape or design. Cornices, arches, columns, keystones, special moldings – features that are often cost-prohibitive with other materials – can be precision cut out of insulation board and covered with EIFS base coat, mesh and finish coat. The cladding will last the life of the building.

For more information about EIFS, visit or contact a Carpenter Co. representative.

Carpenter Co. is certified for ASTM E2430 by Underwriters Laboratories, and listed as a 3rd Party vendor exterior wall board packaged for Acrocrete, Finestone, Senergy, Sonowall, Dryvit, STO, TEC, Teifs, and Masterwall.

Carpenter Co. is the innovative and experienced leader in supplying the flotation industry with the right float for any specific need. 

Carpenter Co. EPS offers outstanding buoyancy and resistance to harmful UV penetration, with floats in any size and density required.

Our environmentally friendly products are made with recycled material and achieve water absorption levels well below ASTM C578 Standards. 

Our energy-saving laminates can be used for non-structural interior and exterior insulation, cavity walls, siding underlayment, roofing recovery board.

With the added Preventol® insect treatment, it is an effective thermal barrier for waterproofing protection and safeguarding below grade backfilling. Laminates can also be used in packaging for added insulation and protection (box liners).

Carpenter Co. laminates can help reduce the cost of heating and cooling, wrapping walls to seam cracks and gaps and stop air infiltration. Wall applications can help prevent dry rot, mildew and structural damage caused by moisture.

The laminates contain no CFCs or HFCs and are odorless. They are easy to cut and install.

With custom designed high speed lamination equipment, Carpenter Co. offers a wide array of laminated products with any facer demanded by the market.

ProductsLaminate FacersDensities
Rigid sheets with double faced laminate 48” width up to 12’ length Thicknesses from ½” to 4”White or brown kraft Clear poly Poly with grid markings Foil Metalized polyFrom .75 PCF to 3.0 PCF
Fanfold for ease of one person installation Thicknesses of ¼”, ⅜”, ½”, ¾” Lengths up to 60’

Blocking and bracing for furniture and appliances

Protective shapes for glass, chinaware, electronic equipment and other fragile items; corrugated box insulation for temperature sensitive product shipping – whatever you have to ship, you can protect it better with EPS packaging from Carpenter Co.

All our products offer thermal insulation, high compressive strength for stacking, and compatibility with corrugated cardboard, flexible-foam and chipboard composites. Custom cut is available in the most intricate patterns to protect against shock and vibration.

Carpenter Co. EPS packaging is lightweight to lower shipping costs, easily assembled for reduced labor, and requires no expensive molds.

Carpenter EPS Roof Insulation provides an excellent thermal barrier for both new construction and reproofing applications. Our UL certified EPS products offer:

  • Permanent R-value
  • Inherent water resistance
  • Superior thermal efficiency per dollar
  • Dimensional stability
  • Minimal weight
  • Easy handling and installation.

Carpenter EPS Roof Insulation is compatible with a variety of commercial roofing membranes, and is approved for use with CEP, EPDM, CSPE, neoprene, PIB, PVC, modified bitumen, and organic, fiberglass and polyester roofing felts.

We have an EPS Roof Insulation product for almost any application. In our portfolio you can find:

  • Flute Fillers (both square and tapered)
  • Styrodeck
  • Holey Board (for lightweight concrete decks)
  • Recovery Board

We provide custom cut insulation that keeps the spa at the desired temperature while saving energy. 

With the tightest of tolerances, we can taper any cover in widths of 48” or less and to any length required for the largest of today’s hot tubs. We can provide densities from 1-lb. up to 3-lb. and take extra steps in our production to prevent any bowing.

The latest technology in labeling allows all the specific detailed data to be easily read to prevent any errors in production.

As the leader in EPS development, we have an entire research and development center that specializes in finding new uses for expanded polystyrene.

Our scientists and engineers can create a custom solution for you. To explore the possibilities, contact a Carpenter Co. representative.


  • Attic vents
  • Blocks
  • Boards & panels
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Concrete voids
  • Construction sheathing
  • Custom architectural shapes
  • Envirogreen™ Geofoam with Preventol® by Laxness Preservative Insecticide
  • Wall Board Exterior insulated finish systems (EIFS)
  • Flotation
  • Laminates (Rigid & Fanfold)
  • Packaging solutions
  • Perimeter insulation
  • Underslab insulation
  • Brick Ledge and Behind Brick Insulation
  • Roofing insulation
  • Siding backer board
  • Siding underlayment
  • Spa covers

Carpenter’s expanded polystyrene products are made with today’s greenest technology: more than 99% of the trim we generate is recycled, so there’s virtually no waste.

With five plants located all along the east of the Mississippi, you can be assured of a quality product backed up by superior customer service at a fair price.

Environment-friendly, energy-efficient

The EPS products we manufacture can return, according to extensive studies, up to 200 times the amount of energy required to produce it. The thermal performance of our EPS insulation significantly reduces the amount of energy required to both heat and cool residential and commercial structures. Many of the Carpenter products will allow LEEDs (Leadership in Energy and Environment) points, which recognize the life-cycle cost of construction and helps to guide and recognize environmentally-friendly commercial and institutional projects.

Technical Specifications

Important information

EPS should not come in contact with chimneys, heater vents, steam pipes or other surfaces where temperatures exceed 150 (degrees F). It is not recommended for unballasted applications where sustained roof temperatures exceed 165 (F) or intermittent temperatures exceed 180 (F). Overlayment board, such as wood fiberboard or perlite, must protect EPS before the direct mopping of hot asphalt or torching of modified bitumen. Care should be taken when using solvents, cleaners, cements, adhesives, sealers and hot air welders on or around EPS insulation.

Code compliances

  • ASTM C-578-10
  • ASTM D6817
  • ASTM E2430
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • Factory Mutual (FM)
  • Model Building Codes
  • ICBO Section 1712
  • BOCA Section 2002
  • SBCCI Section 717
  • StyroDeck


EPS Warranty
Physical Properties Datasheet
Safety Data Sheet
Underwriters Evaluation Report