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Furniture & Fabrication

The Leader in Comfort Cushioning Products

Carpenter has been producing flexible foam for home furnishings since 1956 and has developed many of the processes, products and standards used in the industry. We’re continuously developing new technologies, new levels of quality and next generations of cushioning – to make your products more comfortable, more durable and more marketable than ever before.

Our plants across the U.S. and Canada house state-of-the-art carded polyester fiber processing lines, which produce the most consistent non-woven fiber in the industry, allowing for superior cushion constructions.


Consistent quality. Environmentally-friendly.

There’s comfort in consistency. That’s why Richfoam foam products are used in almost every aspect of furniture production.

Richfoam products are produced with our Natural Foam Technology™ process, which uses a natural CO2 blowing agent to make the foam expand, and are available in hundreds of grades.

The symbol of comfort cushioning quality for nearly 40 years.

Qualux® is a family of high-resilience foams that meets your demands for consistency, longevity, comfort and support. Qualux® high-resilience foam has a soft surface, yet firms up quickly when compressed, providing proper body support in all seating applications. 

Qualux® high-resilience foam is available in densities from 1.5 to 1.8 PCF.
Qualux® Ultra has minimum densities of up to 3.25 PCF and is available in firmnesses from 7 to 70 IFD.

All grades of Qualux® and Qualux ultra high-resilience meet current California 117 flammability standards and are produced without the use of CFC’s. That makes Qualux® high-resilience foam as comfortable for the environment as they are for your customers.


  • Horizontal and vertical CNC contour cutting
  • Compression cutting
  • Lamination
  • Convolution
  • Extraction

Industries Served

Carpenter Co. proudly serves a wide range of industries, to include:

  • Contract seating
  • Residential seating
  • Recreation vehicle seating
  • Marine industry
  • Packaging and medical

Qualux® Brochure