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Flexible Foam Packaging

The world leader in flexible foam packaging

Carpenter designs and manufactures packaging solutions to protect your product and the environment, ensuring CFC-free and HCFC-free products. We offer a wide selection of densities and colors to meet your particular needs.

Whatever your packaging challenges are, Carpenter can help you find the solution.


Our Richpak® polyurethane foams are clean, non-abrasive, extra strong and durable. Since we control the manufacturing process – from raw materials to finished foam – you will always get consistent packaging protection.

Richpak® foams are designed to meet a wide range of protective packaging and material handling requirements. Slit, cut and convoluted fabrication options are available. We offer the largest selection of densities and colors in the industry.

Our technicians at Reinhart Technical Center will supply you with drop curves, testing and cost-effective solutions that meet your particular needs.


  • Protective packaging for computers and electronics
  • Insulated containers
  • Appliances, filters, gaskets, vibration pads
  • Storage cases
  • Healthcare and medical applications
  • Automotive, aerospace and marine
  • Laboratory and pharmaceutical packs
  • Construction engineering applications
  • Sporting goods, athletic equipment and toys
  • Fruit packing
  • Gift packages

Carpenter Richpak Brochure