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Polyurethane Foam

A world leader in polyurethane foam

Carpenter began pouring foam in 1956, and today, we produce more flexible polyurethane foam than any other company in the world. To ensure consistency, we produce our own polyol and blend it at our own facilities, and we continuously invest in new equipment and innovative technologies to cut and shape our foam.

With state-of-the-art facilities throughout the world, we are able to meet the most demanding production schedules.

Our Foams

Aurora® foam is an established and trusted product with high airflow, outstanding resilience and a soft touch.

Combining durability with a spring-like feel, Aurora® foam can help ease pressure on sensitive areas, and is formulated with a wide-open cell structure, increasing the airflow by more than 50% compared to most higher airflow products in the market.

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Avena® foam has been a trusted technology for more than 25 years. It is a flexible polyurethane foam that offers the feel and comfort of a latex foam, providing exceptional bounce and support. 

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Featuring Carpenter’s latest TheraGel™ technology, Elate® foam introduces copper, graphite, and silver additives encapsulated in gel bead form.

Treated for antimicrobial performance, this foam self-adjusts to conform to each individual sleeping style
and reduces motion transfer across the surface.

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Hybrid Bliss® combines the properties of two our best products:

Serene® + Isotonic™ = Hybrid Bliss®

Similar to Serene® Foam , Hybrid Bliss® memory foam is less temperature sensitive than typical memory foam, leading to consistent comfort no matter the room temperature. 

Similar to our Isotonic™ memory foam products, Hybrid Bliss® memory foam offers a reduction in motion transfer for a more peaceful night’s sleep. 

Hybrid Bliss® memory foam is available in toppers and pillows (molded and cut). 

Hybrid Bliss® memory foam is a CertiPUR-US® Certified grade. 

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Hybrid TheraGel™ combines the properties of our best products:

Serene® + Isotonic™ + TheraGel™ = Hybrid TheraGel™

Similar to Serene®, Hybrid TheraGel™ is less temperature sensitive than typical memory foam, leading to consistent comfort throughout the night.

Similar to our Isotonic™ foam products, Hybrid TheraGel™ offers a reduction in motion transfer for a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Treated for antimicrobial performance, Hybrid TheraGel™ features our latest TheraGel™ bead technology, introducing copper, silver and graphite additives.

Hybrid TheraGel™ provides excellent comfort, value, performance, and durability.

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Experience superior pressure relief on a plush and supple memory foam. Intuition™ memory foam is the ultimate comfort layer, providing an elevated sleep experience.

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Introducing Isotonic™+, Carpenter Co.’s latest advancement in memory foam technology. This innovative foam offers the same great features of our classic Isotonic™ memory foam grades plus enhanced performance and durability. 

Isotonic™+ is approved for compressed mattresses and is CertiPUR-US® certified. 

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Qualux® meets your demands for comfort, support, resilience, and consistency. The material has a soft surface, yet firms up quickly when compressed, providing proper body support in all seating applications. From office seating to luxurious home furnishing, Qualux® high resilience foams help make products more comfortable, durable, and marketable.

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Sleeping on air never felt so good.

Serene® foam was created by Carpenter to offer the best in comfort and support. It is soft, yet versatile; it can be used for pillows, toppers or as a traditional comfort or transition layer for mattresses.

Its unique collection of attributes make for a superior product.

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The most reliable, highest airflow memory foam on the market

Tranquil® foam is the most breathable memory foam on the market, with airflow measurements as high as 10 scfm. It reduces pressure while providing unprecedented durability in the viscoelastic foam category.

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The most reliable, highest airflow active response foam on the market

Tranquility® foam is the most breathable active response foam on the market, providing 2X more airflow compared to other products.

Tranquility® offers excellent support and unprecedented durability.

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The Foam Process


CertiPUR-US® Certified Foams ensure defined high standards in physical testing and performance, as well as indoor air quality characteristics.