Envirogreen™ Geofoam. Good for the earth and what you’re building on it.

Extremely lightweight and structurally strong, Envirogreen™ Geofoam has proven to be one of the best and most versatile geosynthetic materials available. Contractors use EnviroGreen™ Geofoam blocks to stabilize slopes and embankments, build retaining walls, insulate pavement, frost-protect shallow foundations, and as a low-cost solution for stadium steps.

Envirogreen™ Geofoam is an excellent thermal insulator for cold storage warehouses and refrigerated storage tanks.

And, unlike other materials, Envirogreen™ Geofoam is inert. It does not break down or leach into ground water, making it safer for the environment. Not only is Envirogreen™ safe for the environment, it provides a lower carbon footprint than traditional dirt or stone fill, and is more economical than other fills.

Whatever the application, Envirogreen™ Geofoam can be installed easily and in practically any weather condition. What’s more, we can fill your order quickly, economically and reliably from any of our four manufacturing facilities.

When durability, quality and economy are important, insist on Envirogreen Geofoam from Carpenter Co.