Floats that cover the waterfront.

Carpenter Co. is the innovative and experienced leader in supplying the flotation industry with the right float for any specific need. Whether it is a rather simple rectangular float in either raw foam or encapsulated by the float manufacturer or a detailed yacht docking system encapsulated in concrete, we have both experienced personnel and equipment to satisfy any demand. Carpenter Co. EPS offers outstanding buoyancy and resistance to harmful UV penetration. Carpenter Co’s extensive trucking fleet allows shipment on both closed vans and flatbeds and thus allowing the maximum utilization of freight and size for just in time service.

With Carpenter Co’s focus on quality, you can get floats in any size and density required, with floats utilizing recycled material to be environmentally friendly and still achieve water absorption levels well below ASTM C578 Standards. Our experienced CAD trained personnel at each plant talk directly to you to ensure that every detail of your project will be correct. Carpenter Co. also provides the core product for containment buoys.

Think of Carpenter Co. as your solutions partner.