Expanded Polystyrene solutions from the EPS leader.

No one has found more uses for expanded polystyrene than Carpenter Co. Our EPS products make homes more attractive, buildings more energy efficient, and packages safer to ship. They include:

Attic vents
Boards & panels
Cavity wall insulation
Concrete voids
Construction sheathing
Custom architectural shapes
Envirogreen® Geofoam with Preventol® Preservative Insecticide
Exterior insulated finish systems (EIFS)
ICF’s (Insulated Concrete Forms)
Laminates (Rigid & Fanfold)
Packaging solutions including PSA technology
Perimeter insulation
Recovery board
Roofing insulation
Siding backer board
Siding underlayment
Spa covers

Every EPS product is made with today’s most energy-efficient technology. More than 99% of the trim we generate is recycled, so there’s virtually no waste. And, with three plants located all along the East Coast, no one provides better customer service and supply security.