Carpenter Co. produces more air filtration media than any other company because we deliver the highest quality product with one goal in mind — meet and exceed customer expectations.

Our unique position as the world’s largest processor of highloft polyester gives us the ability to design and test our media for performance and efficiency in-house and have the results confirmed by independent laboratories. We offer products for every air filtration application but we also offer expertise to create products exclusively for individual applications.

  • ASHRAE Rated Medias
  • Paint Arrestor Medias
  • Variety of Colors and Topical Additives
  • Multiple Density Products
  • Lowest Turnaround and Delivery Times in the Industry — 7 to 10 Days

We take great pride in being a long-standing member of the National Air Filter Association (NAFA). We embrace continuing efforts to raise the standards for the filtration community to bring cleaner air indoors and clearer air outdoors.

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