Paint Arrestor

You will find our paint arrestor products capture overspray solids deep within the media, reducing air pollution, fire hazards and damage to the surrounding area. Available in economy blends, duel denier and extended surface innovations, you will find a product to fill any cross draft paint arrestance application.

Product Weight Loft Denier
PA3 1.3 oz/sq ft 7/8″ – 1 1/8″ Single
MPA 1.3 oz/sq ft 1 1/8″ Dual
MPA Plus 1.3 oz/sq ft 1 1/8″ Dual, Needled, and Tack

For the latest on extended surface paint arrestance, visit the website of our exclusive distributor, Global Finishing Solutions.

Pictured above is our Carpenter PA Tech 6 Dual Denier 1.3 oz Dual Denier Media. Carpenter offers both Dual and Single Denier products.